Since 1929, in Bourgbarré (Brittany), Panaget has combined a passion for wood, traditional craftsmanship, and innovative industrial processes to create wood floors from 100% French oak. Now operating from three industrial sites with 180 employees, the leading French manufacturer of engineered wood floors stands out for its eco-friendly commitment and its extensive range of engineered or solid wood floors and wall panels, offering quality, aesthetics, and comfort. Treat yourself to the best of Made in France.

A Bouyer Leroux Group company

On 30th September 2019, Panaget became part of the BOUYER LEROUX Group, the leading French manufacturer of terracotta construction materials (wall and partition bricks, chimney flues, tiles, and ridges) and roller shutters (window with integral blind). Bouyer Leroux is the second-largest industrial worker cooperative (SCOP) in France. Organized into four sectors, the SCOP pursues a strategy of sustainable development for its activities and aims to increase its non-fossil energy sources (biomass, biogas, photovoltaic) from 50% to 90% in the medium term.

Panaget naturally found its place within the BOUYER LEROUX Group, with which it shares the same DNA: shared human values, a culture of continuous improvement in safety, quality, and raw material valorization, and finally, long-term management of energy and environmental challenges.


Wood is our main raw material. We are particularly attentive to all of its features, and are working as hard as we can to preserve it.

Wood, a material of the future

Panaget demonstrates its vision of “Made in France” through its genuinely ecological, economical and eco-responsible approach.

The wood that we use to make our floors comes from renewable resources and has
a low environmental impact.

In fact, every year we source our wood from a network of around forty French sawmills, which provide us with timber that has grown an average of 500km from our factories.

Wood is the building material of the future, is carbon neutral and respectful of nature
and future generations.

Wood, a material that lasts

Its robustness and durability have proved themselves. Oak is one of Europe’s hardest woods, along with beech, hornbeam and ash. It is a high density wood with extensive mechanical properties. Over 99% of Panaget floors are made from oak and 100% of the oak we use is French. Each floorboard is unique and just like leather,
wood becomes polished and enhanced over time.
The high-quality surface treatments that we offer provide great resistance. Our floors retain their natural beauty for years.

Easy to maintain, they will adapt to your lifestyle.

Wood, a heathly material

Wooden cladding is like a second skin for the house. With its great insulating properties, wood keeps our feet at the right temperature all year round. Its beauty, smell and sensory perception generate a feeling of well-being in us.
More and more studies are demonstrating the many benefits of wood: living in an environment containing wood is said to reduce stress, lift spirits, stimulate creativity and maintain concentration. The anatomical and chemical properties of wood slow down the survival and multiplication of micro-organisms. Wood floors also help to improve air quality. Today there is no longer any doubt about the connection between good health
and our indoor environment.

Panaget is a key player in the preservation of French forests, using oak for our wood flooring from certified French forests with PEFC certification—meaning traceable wood from sustainably managed forests. Panaget has held PEFC certification since 2002.

We are a sponsor of the Plantons pour l’avenir endowment fund, which has facilitated the reforestation of more than 3,000 hectares of forest.

Additionally, to help promote the diversity of French forests, Panaget is exploring the development of new ranges using wood species other than oak.